The Company

AUMA Consultores en Medio Ambiente y Energía, S.L. was founded in Barcelona, in June 1993, offering environmental consultancy to both the public and private sectors.

AUMA’s main assets are the firm’s independence together with the strength and depth of its multidisciplinary team.

The company is composed of engineers, chemists, lawyers, biologists, psychologists, atmospheric physicists and economists, while other varied disciplines are provided by habitual collaborators. Our collaborators come from private companies, universities and other institutions, complementing the work group when a project requires their skills.

Our structure, based on management by project, allows us to offer an independent, integral service. This ensures a fast and efficient response to a range of challenges, something that financial agents within the environmental sector both need and demand.

Our aim is to fully satisfy the expectations of our clients, professionals and collaborators.

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